5th Grade Fiction: Balloon Flight

My mom passed along a bunch of stuff from my childhood. My daughter recently discovered my “School Days” memory book and went through it like a detective on a murder case. She pulled out something I didn’t even know was there, and while it’s not my very first complete story, it is from 5th grade…. (and this is straight up from the paper, unedited).

Balloon Flight

One day a man was selling some balloons when a little girl named Liza said, “Mister, I would like to buy 3 balloons.”

“What color, ma’am?” he asked her.

“Um, pink, baby blue, and yellow,” she replied in answer.

“Yes, ma’am. That will be $1.00. Thank you,” he said.

“You’re certainly welcome, sir,” Liza replied. “Bye! I wonder if these balloons are magic?”

“I doubt it, ma’am. Well, they could be ’cause the man who gave them to me said-” he answered.

“I’m flying!” Liza screamed.

“Yes. That you are! Want me to shoot the balloons?” he asked.

“No! Please don’t! I want to fly!” Liza answered.

“You’re crazy, kid!” the man yelled.

“See ya!” She yelled back joyfully. As she was flying she hummed a little lullaby that goes like this:


All my life I’ve wanted to fly

Now I’m flying, flying, yes.

WhenAll the sudden one balloon popped and she started to fall! Another balloon popped then she looked below. There was a marsh of quicksand!

“Help! Help!” Liza cried.

All the of a sudden a strong wind came and blew the balloon away from the quicksand, but closer to the ocean.

“Oh knowno! I don’t know how to swim!” All theof a sudden the wind stopped blowing and to the ground she went. When she landed she fell asleep. Then something grabbed her! She was startled at first and then she screamed because there standing in front of her was a lion! Then the balloon man shot the lion and said, “Kid, ain’t you going to thank me?”

“Oh! Thanks a lot! But I’m lost!” Liza answered shyly.

“Well, what’s your name?”

“Liza Lurie Cutter, sir,” Liza answered.

“Liza? Liza? I’m Uncle Jay!”

“Uncle Jay?” Liza was shocked.

“Yes, welcome, Liza!” Uncle Jay said.

“Help me get home, Jay!”

“Okay, sure,” Jay answered.

The End.

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I have to admit my elementary teachers nurtured my knack for writing. In 6th grade, I went on to win a writing contest representing my school. Maybe my mom has that story around somewhere too.

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