Author Showcase: JM Ames (Mirror & Thorns Anthology)

Where the fairy tale ends, and the reflection begins

OWS Ink, LLC released the 2017 fiction anthology, Mirror & Thorns just in time for Halloween. These fourteen stories from fourteen different authors ill stay with you long after the last page. This collection of short stories released on Wednesday, October, 25th, 2017.

The authors have weaved each one of these enchanting stories with quirky and intriguing characters as well as plots with compelling twists.

A dark fairy tale collection from the twisted pens of:

J.M. Ames, Kerry E.B. Black, J.K. Allen, C.L. Bledsoe, Lucy Palmer, Stacy Overby, T.S. Dickerson, Edward Ahern, Melanie Noell Bernard, S.L. Scott, Sarah Nour, Paul Stansbury, Cassidy Taylor, and J. Lee Strickland.

Today, in addition to highlighting the book, I’d like to introduce you to one of the authors in the book, J.M. Ames. He delights our readers with a tale entitled The Snow Bride.

jma.jpgJ. M. Ames has lived his entire life in Southern California. Two years into college, he switched his major from Psychobiology to Computer Programming, and has been working in IT since 1998.

In January 2016, the inevitable mid-life crisis hit. Realizing life was far too short to not pursue one’s dreams, J.M. finally began writing. His first completed work was a Creative Nonfiction short about his childhood with his canine best friend, Max. This story, ‘The Last Ride’, was published later that year in the anthology A Journey of Words. He hasn’t been able to stop writing since.

What is your favorite story you’ve written? Tell us about it.

JMA The Last Ride, from A Journey of Words. This story is creative nonfiction, and is about my best friend for the first 13 years of my life, and our adventures growing up together. It is told from his perspective, not mine. I should probably mention he was a dog. It was a piece that emotionally gutted me to write, but was also cathartic in that I finally was able to talk about it.

The Snow Bride 2What three things must you have on hand to write?

JMA:  Silence, sobriety, and a full keyboard. The first two are difficult with little ones running around…

If you could be anything other than what you are, what occupation would you choose?

JMA I would LOVE to write full-time, and not have to worry about a day job.

What are you working on next?

JMA:  A post-apocalyptic hippie lesbian romance in space, called Endless Skies. Based off of the song Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath.

What do you do to relax?

JMA – Reading, hiking, taking the kids to the beach, and playing old school games like Civilization 3.

Now that we’ve gotten a peek at the man behind the pen, let’s talk about The Snow Bride. Here’s a short summary of the story, and below that, you’ll have a chance to read a little bit of this amazing story.

“The Snow Bride” takes place in the remote Tsas Ber Tavern. Ajir, a gem miner recently leaving a long stint in the mines, comes to Tavern in search of warmth, scarce meat, and a strong beverage. He finds all he is searching for – and then some.

The Snow Bride 3“Sarlagiin,” he bellowed, slamming his fist on the ancient wooden table. His breath puffed white in the frigid air. “I ordered honeyed sarlagiin leg, and it better be in front of me soon!” Meat was scarce this far north, and Ajir had been anticipating this meal for quite some time. When he was back at home, things were different. Snow was rare and meat plentiful in Gryek. His belly growled to be filled. “I’ve got your sarlagiin leg right here, minótavros! If I drizzle some honey on it, will ya gobble it up?” Olar stepped from behind the bar, grabbed his crotch, and blew a kiss. Ajir leapt up and his hooves slammed to the wood floor. He unsheathed the worn pickaxe from his backside and roared. His dripping fangs glistened in the candlelight as his wooden chair crashed backwards behind him. His tail jerked from side to side in agitation.

Yeah, I agree. More please!! And this is exactly why I just HAD to ask Ajir a few questions. It’s not every day I get to talk to a Minotaur…

Everyone has a dream mate. What’s yours look like? Do you ever expect to find him/her?

Ajir:  I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like to be with a yeti. I’ve been suck here in Mangoluls for six moon-cycles, and it is cold enough here for a yeti. Once I finish this mining contract, I will get drunk, have some real meat, and find me a yeti!

Name your greatest fear.

Ajir:  Being chased through the desert by an olgoi-khorkhoi. That or being eaten.

Do you have any scars, tattoos, distinguishing marks?

Ajir:  Several scars from mining accidents, and a handful of tattoos. My favorite is this olgoi-khorkhoi on my arm. One of those giant death worms from your deserts, bursting through the sand to catch and eat a camel.

The Snow Bride 1


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