Author Spotlight: Mia Jones

Our Friday Feature introduces us to another Crazy Ink author, Mia Jones. I had the luxury of interviewing Ms. Jones.

Author Interview

Name: Mia Jones
Occupation: Author/writer
Latest Release: Breakup or Makeup (A Crazy Ink Anthology)
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

1.What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Besides my boys that have grown up to be hard working and caring adults, publishing my books.

  1. What is your best physical feature?
  2. What is your most treasured possession?
  3. What or who is the greatest love of your life?
    My husband
  4. What is your favorite journey?
  5. What is your most marked characteristic?
    I have a very caring personality.
  6. Define happiness and share your happiest memory.
    Happiness to me is sitting with my husband and 3 boys and talking and laughing over dinner. Some of my best memories are of going to a lake I’ve been going to my whole life with my extended family, my mom and dad and 5 sisters, a brother and their families.  (26 people) and spending a week boating, swimming, making smores.
  7. What is it that you most dislike?
    People who hurt children and bullies. I don’t understand people who enjoy hurting others. I think child abusers, molesters have a special place in Hell. That’s the only way I can mentally deal with some of the stories.
  8. What is your greatest fear?
    One of my children dying.
  9. What is your greatest extravagance?
    I don’t really have one. I live a very simple life. I don’t like shopping, or spending money. I would like to take my family around the US in a rented motorhome. We’ll see if that ever happens.
  10. Who do you most despise?
    People who hurt children, period. I also don’t like liars.
  11. What is your greatest regret?
    Not making the most of my high school days.
  12. Which talent would you most like to have?
  13. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
    I get impatient with myself very easily.
  14. What do you most value in your friends?
    Truth and loyalty.
  15. Who do you most admire?
    My sisters.
  16. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
  17. Which words or phrases are you known for?
    The Serenity Prayer. I have it over my desk, on my fridge and bathroom and I repeat it to people when they talk about their problems. It’s gotten my through a lot of rough times.
  18. . If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
    More courage and self confidence..
  19. What is your motto?
    Live and let live.

Bonus Questions:

Book: Never Too Late
Genre: Contemporary Romance

What’s the most inspiring part of where you live? Peacefulness. I live out in the middle of nowhere and so I rarely hear people, or vehicles.

Where did the idea for this story come from? My head. I have so many stories stuck in my head and they have been for years. They only seem to go away after I’ve written them down on paper. It makes it hard to concentrate sometimes.

How long did it take you to write it? That one took about 3 weeks.

Which character has etched it’s way into your heart and why? The heroine,Emily. I love how she’s grown in self confidence over the story.

What are you working on now? A story about about a wife and husband. He’s letting his work and others come between them and it starts to break them apart. Because of this, a tragedy happens that could prevent them from getting back together. I’ll see where the story takes me.

About the Book:

Emily Peters was starting her life over with a great career in a place she’d always dreamed about. The last things she was looking for was a man after the abuse she received from her ex-husband.

Greyson McKenzie never thought he’d find another woman after his wife left and he didn’t necessarily care. He had his ranch and was surrounded by people he cared about.

Until Emily strolled into his life.

Can people find their true soulmates later in life? And can Emily get over the damage her husband had done to her self-esteem to allow Grey into her heart?





Emily tensed suddenly and gritted her teeth at the shiver, unlike any she’d ever felt, run down her body. She didn’t know what the cause was at first until she caught movement from the side and turned. The breath stalled in her chest. The most masculine man she’d ever seen stood inside the doorway staring raptly at her. Tall, a couple inches above six feet and gorgeous. His eyes were the prettiest color she’d ever seen. Intense blue framed by long black lashes. His hair was so black it had a blue sheen to it where the overhead light hit it. That and the dark tanned color of his skin showed he might have some native Indian blood. The brilliant blue eyes were a stark contrast. She could only see of him from the waist up when he moved to stand behind the counter. His chest was tight with muscle, showing the contours through his long-sleeved button-down plaid shirt. His shoulders were a yard wide and seemed to take up space behind the counter. His hands were large and rough looking and showed calluses and scars. One sat on the stone counter, the other on Becca’s shoulder, showing the close relationship between the two.

Mortification hit Emily. She was standing in front of a woman and staring at her husband like a love-sick teenager. Of all the rude things she’d ever done, this took the cake. Tearing her eyes from the man, she smiled shakily at Becca. “I’m so sorry. I guess I’m just more tired than I thought.”

Becca frowned in confusion. “Sorry about what?”

Feeling a deeper heated flush cross her face, she cleared her throat, trying to ignore the intense look the man had on her. “For staring at your husband….”

Becca burst out laughing. “Ohhh, Yuk. Holy cow. He’s not my husband. Gross. He’s my uncle and way too old for me.”

Becca squeaked out a giggle when the man swatted her bottom. “Watch it, half-pint. I’m not that old,” he said gruffly, never taking his eyes off of Emily.

Becca smiled up at the man. “Emily this is Greyson, but people usually call him just Grey. He’s half owner of the place and my very young uncle,” she said laughing.

Grey ruffled her hair before turning back to Emily. Something hot and intense passed between them.  He held a hand out. “Emily. I hope I can call you that?” This woman was beautiful. She was tiny but had nice soft curves and had a calm way about her that he picked up right away. Her eyes were big and beautiful and light brown in color. She had thick dark brown hair that swirled around her shoulders.

Emily laid her small hand in his grip and barely held back the gasp that clawed at her throat, from the sizzling heat of his grip.  Her heart jumped into her throat when she tried to pull away, and he tightened his grip before releasing her hand.

At her small nod, he continued. “Welcome to our home.” He reluctantly turned back to Becca. “Do you have her key?”

Becca handed it to him and bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing out loud. Could her uncle get any more obvious that he was attracted to Emily? “There you go, Grey. She’s all signed in.”

“Excellent. Emily, I’ll show you to your cab…”

“No,” Emily burst out.

Becca and Grey both froze in curiosity.

About the Author:

Mia Jones was born and raised in Iowa and still resides there with her husband and children.  She’s an author of contemporary romance novels and devotes hours to creating steamy novels with happy endings that she hopes entertain people, make them laugh and sometimes cry, but always ends the book feeling good.

Mia started writing when she was thirteen. She found writing was a way to comfort herself during her rough teenage years, and she never stopped. It was only when her mother and sister pushed her did she finally send in a novel, and to her surprise, people enjoyed it and asked for more.

You can usually find her at her home in the country surrounded by her family and many animals and the majority of the time in her quiet little office, conjuring up whole new interesting families and communities.

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