Book Spotlight: Garden Boulevard by Angela Amman

I am so honored to share with you a new release by Angela Amman. Garden Boulevard is a collection of stories about women. Everything you need to know is below. Meet one of the characters from the book and get to know the author just a little bit better. Angela is part of the team responsible for bringing my horror novella Til Death Do Us Part to bookshelves.

Fast Five with Julia, a character from “Above the City”

Julia will appear in Angela Amman’s first novel, to be released at a later date.

What is #1 on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list. When everything you’ve worked for your whole life crashes into oblivion, the future looks awfully bleak.

What do you hate most about yourself?

Well, that’s a loaded question.

What is your favorite physical trait?

I would have answered in a million different ways in another lifetime, but now it’s my ability to perform on even the bleakest stages.

Describe your personality in two words.

Adaptive and resolute

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Anna Pavlova — we need to talk about the Dying Swan.

Fast Five with Angela Amman, author

What is your #1 on your bucket list?

My bucket list changes with my mood, but currently I’d love to take my family on an extended European adventure for wine, cheese, and a walking tour of Gaudi architecture.

What do you hate most about yourself?

That’s between my journal and my favorite pen.

What is your favorite physical trait?

My brain. It’s the one thing I feel confident I can keep working on and improving. Everything else fades.

Describe your personality in two words.

Empathetic and sarcastic — the combination gets me in trouble.

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Unlike my bucket list, this one doesn’t change: my dad.

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Author Bio

Angela Amman’s writing explores how women interact with the world around them. She holds a BA in English from Michigan State University and an MA in Education from Wayne State University, and previously taught 6th grade Language Arts and 8th grade mathematics. For four years, she co-directed Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit, bringing stories to the stage to celebrate the courage and connectivity of live storytelling. She is the managing editor at Savvy Sassy Moms, a writer for Take Flight Social Media Consulting, and was an editor for Write on Edge, where she co-curated three volumes of PRECIPICE: THE LITERARY ANTHOLOGY OF WRITE ON EDGE. Her short stories and essays have been featured in her collection, NOTHING GOES AWAY, and anthologies like METAPHYSICAL GRAVITY and MY OTHER EX: WOMEN’S TRUE STORIES ABOUT LOSING AND LEAVING FRIENDS.

She spends part of every day trying to convince her husband to buy into her color-coded family calendar system and another part of it figuring out where she put down her coffee mug. When her attention falters, she shares flash fiction, lightning quick book reviews, and small moment vignettes on her website. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and two children. When she should be sleeping, she’s adding more books to her library hold queue and contemplating whether the perfect mascara exists.


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