New Release: Dark Hour by Cloud S. Riser


The Dark Hour by Cloud S. Riser

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Becca grew up knowing she wasn’t normal. She loathed it. Normal was what she’d always strived for. But normal is difficult when you are the keeper of a key that unlocks the gate between the realms of magic and science. It is a gate that stays closed except for during the Dark Hour. In that one hour, hoards of magical creatures come through; all tasked with acquiring Becca’s key. So far and with the help of her guardian, Becca has kept out of their clutches.

But nothing is certain and the Dark Hour comes relentlessly every day. 
Something has to change.

When the mysterious Kyne crosses over from the world of magic and survives to tell about it, Becca is curious. She’s even more curious when he reveals the true purpose of the magic locked inside her. It’s a magic set to explode on her eighteenth birthday whether she likes it or not and it will change everything… It will be anything but normal.

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