October Frights Blog Hop: Story Excerpt from The 13: Tales of Macabre

In gearing up for Halloween, and with The 13: Tales of Illusory celebrating it’s first book birthday, and the upcoming release of The 13: Tales of Macabre, I have joined up in the October Frights Blog Hop hosted by AF Stewart and her Are You Afraid of the Dark site.

Today, you get a small peek into one of the stories within The 13: Tales of Macabre. This is Frequent Flyer Livery Service, a story about a man (is he?) who needs blood in order to revive his dead but very beloved wife who happened to be a witch.

This scene is from the beginning of the story.

[Count Marcel] ignored the mountain side, mostly because those who traveled the mountain were too poor, their blood too tainted for his experiments. Something seemed odd about this particular passage though, and his hawk eyes trained to the carriage until it seemed to be in the room with him. Interesting place for a Prince! he thought as he recognized the carriage occupant. His eyes squinted as the gears in his brain churned. Beyond the mountain was nothing but a barren wasteland. Acting hastily before the carriage breached the bottom of the mountain, he jumped through the glass, his cape fanning out behind him, and free fell straight into the carriage.

“Wha…?” said the startled Prince as the Count landed in the seat across from him.

“Good morning, Sire,” Marcel said, making a slight bow from his waist. “I am amused that one such as yourself traveled this dark route. Have you no fear of the haunts that lurk these hills?”

The Prince trembled in his seat. “None would dare face the King’s wrath,” he said unconvincingly. Marcel laughed and laughed again as he watched the Prince shudder at its sound.

“Those who live in these hills fear nothing, least of all your King.” Marcel extended a hand out to the Prince. “I am Count Marcel, owner of  the Frequent Flyer Livery Service you should have engaged for your journey. I keep a vigilant eye from my castle there.” He pointed out the window as it came in view. “I am here solely to service good folks like yourself who have no business traveling alone through these parts. I have rerouted this drab excuse for wheels the city calls a carriage to my home where we will switch to one of my much finer ones for the duration of your journey. There are none in these hills who dare interfere with my riders. The risk is too great.”

As the last word rolled off Marcel’s tongue, the carriage approached the castle and a 

sharp whistle slipped from Marcel’s lips. The drawbridge came down. The carriage rolled over the drawbridge with enough speed to jostle the men inside.

“Whoa, that’s a rather rough ride,” the Prince said. The Count pointed out the window again at a group of wolves running behind the carriage. Only one of them was daring enough to jump the drawbridge and found itself sliced in half as the bridge closed on it.  A satisfied smile crept across the Count’s face as it’s blood splattered against the castle walls.

“There, see? Already I am protecting you.” He stepped out of the carriage and held the door open for the Prince, who stopped just outside the carriage.

“Where is your carriage?”

The Count whistled again, and a horse came from around a corner. A man sat on a bench atop the carriage behind the horse. It was indeed grander than the one the Prince had just emptied. The black paint was shiny and trimmed with gold. The black steed pulling it was young and frisky. Even the driver looked healthy and extravagant in a black suit.

“That will do nicely, Count. What do you require in payment for your services?”

“Blood sacrifice,” the Count answered, a sick grin on his face.

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