Product Review: Enzo Ken Makeup Brushes and Carry Case

Finally that day arrives-you know the one-it’s the day of your author event, live and in person. You’re nervous, and while your words should be good enough, you still feel the need to make a great impression. For some of us, this means putting our best face forward. If you aren’t a makeup guru, this could be a timely effort, and not because you aren’t already beautiful. If you’re like me, makeup is an option you save for special events… date nights, weddings, and of course, author events.

If you’re like me, you’ve got a set system but have always wondered how those special tricks are done. The smoky eye, the cat eye, the fresh faced and innocent look, they all allude you no matter how hard you try. All the videos in the world and hours on YouTube, while helpful, just don’t quite work out right.

I just recently discovered why.

Brushes. Besides good makeup, you need great brushes. Enter Enzo Ken. Not only is this carry case MY shade of pink, but the brushes are gorgeous. They have sparkly multi-colored glitter inside the easy grip stems. The bristles are softer than cashmere yet efficient. It was like snuggling up with my hates-to-snuggle cat.

Such a great selection of brushes too, there’s even one for unclumping your eyelashes after applying mascara! Lip brushes, eye brushes (my favorite!)…

I especially loved that angled brush. It really added the needed accent to the outer corners and creases of my eyes. They blend everything so smoothly, I can step out feeling confident in how I look. For me, that’s a huge bonus!

I highly recommend every author in need grab these brushes from amazon now. I even used them to clean dust from one of our Xbox 360’s. You’d be amazed how easily that eyelash brush fits in those tiny holes!

I feel pretty and my XBox 360 is dust free too! #makeuptools #writerslife Click To Tweet

Worth every penny, visit Amazon here and snag this product while you can!

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