Product Review: Petantastic Dog Collar

I don’t talk about our animals much, but a lot of the product reviews I do are for them. All of Dobby’s treats for the past 3 months have been from product reviews, for example. I love surprising my furbabies with stuff. Sahara gets a new toy every so often, the last being a play tunnel. Neither one is very picky, which really works for me. I get to treat them to goodies and my pocket stays happy too.

The purpose of today’s post is to prove that even male dogs look good in pink…

And he so does! What’s even better about this collar is that it is strong. We’ve sampled other collars from other companies with the easy snap like this and they just didn’t stand up to the rough and tough puppyness that makes Dobby, well, Dobby.

Petantastic‘s collar is made of thick material. you can see the pull on the collar here, but it doesn’t rip or tear at all:

I was actually surprised to not need to adjust it at all. It went on fast and easy. I’m very impressed with how well they understand the sizes of dogs. Dobby’s daddy might be a doberman, but he strongly favors his pitbull momma in looks, including the thicker neck. I was all worried about him jumping on me in excitement and having issues getting the collar on just right, but that all went away. Two finger gap perfect even!

I will be looking for more pet products from Petantastic in the future.

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