Review: Halloween Light Up Balloons

#Authorconfession I don’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween. I really love Christmas more, so I’d rather save my money to knock Christmas on its fanny instead of Halloween. That being said, when I saw these cute balloons, I figured why not. They’ll make a cute decoration for a child and candy filled evening.

I couldn’t wait til October 31 to try them out though. I am only an overgrown child after all. I did confine myself to just one….

The packaging looks great. It’s packed to the gills. It’s easy to see the colors and the characters, and they even add a few of each to a smaller bag with the lights already inserted so all you have to do is pull the tab and blow!

There’s even easy to understand directions on the back. 

I barely even pulled on the tab and the light fell into the balloon. SO EASY! The next step involved turning a few shades of purple, but I got a decent sized balloon out of it. Off went the lights. I had to see this bad boy. “Hold still, hubby!”

I love it! I can’t wait to cover my patio and my yard with these on Halloween! And if I can’t resist the temptation to play with one again, I can reseal them back up as if no one ever touched them. Easy peasy. Get yours here:

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