Singing in the Rain: AncordWorks Bluetooth Shower Speaker

You’re home alone. You jump in the shower. Suddenly your conditioner bottle becomes a microphone and your bathtub is the stage. You let loose, belting out that Whitney Houston high note when…


Someone came home and caught you.

Your hot shower just became hotter as heat crawls across your cheeks. Your microphone morphs back into a bottle, your stage is once more a bathtub. You take a little extra time drying off in hopes that whoever came home has forgotten…

Does this sound like your story?

What if I told you it would never happen again? Would you believe me?

With a hands free shower speaker like the one I got from AncordWorks, you should.

Let me tell you why I love it.

All I have to do is pair it to my phone through bluetooth. I just turn the speaker on, hit the bluetooth button and go. I can carry it outside with me and drop it in the passenger seat of my car without missing a beat.

I can set it next to my recipe book and jam out to my playlist while I fix dinner.

I can set it next to my computer and work to music without overloading my memory or diskspace.

Best of all?

Yep, you guessed it. I can take it in the shower with me! This means I am no longer belting those off-key Mariah Carey high notes alone. No more extra hot showers from embarrassment. Even better, there’s no more smart-mouthed teenager to say “mom! Those aren’t even the right words!”

I am blissfully musical and proud of it.

You know you want one, too!

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