Tuesday Teaser: The 13 (Tales of Illusory)

This is quite possibly one of my favorite stories in the book. I know I had a lot of fun writing it. In Child Lost, it’s all about the delights of an underwater carnival that lures children to stay, become fish, and ultimately end up dinner for a group of very bad pixies. Joshua Robertson did a fantastic reading of the story on You Tube. You can check that out here.

Read the whole book, on sale everywhere, including Amazon and get your horror on.

More reviews:

“I found it to be mesmerizing, intriguing, captivating. Stephanie has a special talent. She creates magic in her words, drawing you into each of her stories, making you feel as if you are walking alongside the characters, feeling the emotions as well. See all sides of the dimensions. And that is truly what a great writer does.” Barbara Tyree

“Ayers has a gift for description. Her vivid scenes transport the reader right into each unique story and her characters range from common to quirky to creepy. I particularly liked Puppets. Ayers created characters I could see and hear and dove right into the eerie, but the ending seemed rushed.” Nina

“Stephanie Ayers weaves a great tale; I definitely recommend this collection to anyone who loves short horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction.” Adan Ramie

“Wow! What a read!” S. Hicks

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