If you follow me on social media, you’ve noticed I have been sharing some new graphics. In the process of finishing up The Elven Games for publishing later this year or early 2019, I found the quotes I had highlighted and started sharing them. For today’s teaser, I am sharing the quote, along with the paragraph or two it came from.

       Two little bodies eyed the slender frame of a boy in front of them and doubled over laughing on Tribba’s palm. Sapphire motions filled the air as Malachi made a grand gesture of wiping tears from his eyes.

        Edgar was disgruntled. “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he said. The ruby fairy’s wings fluttered as she rose to Edgar’s nose and patted him gently on it.

        “He is more than he looks, but he needs help. That’s why I’m here.”

        Tribba and Edgar explained the story of Edgar’s lost magic. The fairies laughed again, as if the idea of losing magic was preposterous, but agreed to help as much as they could. Diamonds filled the air and a small pouch appeared in Tribba’s other hand. She opened it and scooped up as many diamonds as she could before pulling the drawstring closed. She held it out to Edgar, who accepted it.

        “Fairy dust will help your magic. No one has greater magic than the fairies, not even the elves,” she said as he put the pouch around his neck.

        Tribba chatted with the fairies for a little longer before releasing them back into the flowerbed. Glitter decorated each cheek when she rose, and she laughed.

        “There’s nothing in this world like fairy kisses,” she said. She read the confused expression on Edgar’s face and continued. “You don’t know what you’re missing until you experience one, so don’t fret. It’s unbecoming of a champion.”

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Stephanie Ayers writes speculative fiction, where horror and fantasy collide. She is a self proclaimed word whisperer and unicorn living in Ohio disguised as a human. She mothers her children and avoids all things housework and zombies. When she isn't doing any of these things, she can be found browsing thrift stores and flea markets with her husband, attending football games with her son, or binging on TV shows.

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