I am not bound by my current circumstances, my unforeseen future, or my troubled past.

Who I am makes me what I am. What I am completes who I am.

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I am mother.

I am daughter.

I am sister.

I am friend.

I am wife.

I am a writer.

I am a designer.

I am deaf.

I am diabetic.

I am a victim.

I am a survivor.

I am loved.


What am I? I am all these and more. These do not define who I am, but play important roles in the making of me.

I am kind.


I’ve got a ready ear and a strong shoulder.

I’ve got a huge soul.

I live to laugh.

I cry over happy endings.

I cry over sad commercials.

I’m unique.

I tend to let my imagination run away with me.

I do what feels good and right to me.

And I stand strong for what (and who) I believe in.

I am laid back, easy going, gullible.

I am a pushover, easy to walk on, and I yell.

A lot.

I have learned the power of the word “No.”

I love freely with my whole heart.


I have a ready smile and a gentle tongue.

I need words like bodies need water. It’s in my blood.

I’m a horrible housekeeper with a dorky sense of humor.

I have up days and down days.

I love food and eat to soothe.

I get depressed and I have mood swings.

I will give you the shirt off my back even if it leaves me naked.


I am a writer.

I am an overactive imagination, low on energy, high on love.

I have a degree in procrastination.

I am strong of faith and low in regrets.

This is who I am, the total package of me, and I am proud.


I couldn’t be me any other way.

And I’m learning that because of all this, I am enough.

Today, tomorrow, yesterday: I am enough.

Even if some days I really, really need to remind myself of this.

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